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The Parish and Priory Church of Saint Nicholas Arundel

2 London Rd, Arundel BN18 9BZ, UK – 01903 882262

Beautiful parish church with a very interesting history.

Die historisch katholische Pfarr- und Priesterkirche des Heiligen Nikolaus", erbaut 1380, ist ein beliebtes Ziel in der antiken Stadt Arundel.

St Mary C Of E Church

19 St Marys Meadow, Yapton, Arundel BN18 0EE, UK – 01243 552962

Beautiful church

St Mary Church, Yapton semble renommée pour son vitrail "Peace window Appeal" représentant l'Arbre de Vie et sensé capter les rayons du soleil couchant.

The Church Of Saint Andrew By The Ford

Station Rd, Ford, Arundel BN18 0BL, UK – 01243 552962

This is an amazing church. I had driven past it loads of times and didn't even know it was there. A magic little piece of heaven in beautiful surroundings. Well worth a visit and a walk down to the river. No mains gas, electricity or water and dates back to Saxon times.

The church is set back from the road and surrounded by trees, so unless you know it's there, you'll miss it. An information card is available inside to take with you as you explore inside and out. A leaflet with photos can be bought for a pound. It's nearly a 1,000 years old church and is well worth a visit.

Your local Christian churches. Click on your town/village to find churches in your area. Good and media savvy churches will give you a real feel for what sort of service to expect.